Onshore Medical Coding: Quality Over Cost


International Excursion

Yes! You just signed with an offshore vendor to take your confidential patient information on an international excursion. This company is certified. They have multiple years of experience. They have an over-abundance of medical coders contracted (so you know there will be coverage for your many medical records.) And to top it all off, the price is the cheapest you have ever seen!

This may sound like a great deal, but have you considered that this international excursion may have hidden expenses?

Onshore’ means ‘quality

It seems like sending your patients’ medical records to an offshore vendor is the easiest solution when needing to quickly fill your organization’s coding vacancies and do so in the least expensive way.

It may be easy. It may be cheap. But it’s a gamble.

Like offshore vendors, onshore vendors can easily fill coding vacancies to avoid slow turnaround time and spikes in DNFB. The difference is their quality level. You may pay more for a local onshore medical coding team, but you are receiving the highest quality and financial peace of mind.

Times have changed
With the high number of breaches in the healthcare industry today, compliance and IT security are a top-level priority. If the offshore vendor you signed with is not certified by HIPAA or updated on their medical coding skills and credentials, you may end up spending more time and money fixing compliance issues and correcting coding errors.

Consider you current medical coding vendor. Do you think you are receiving the highest quality level in your package deal?

Medkoder is a full service medical coding management services and technology provider offering expert medical coding in all physician service lines, inpatient and outpatient facility coding, medical risk adjustment management, DRG coding management, coding education, clinical coding documentation improvement, revenue integrity, & revenue cycle consulting.

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