What is your NLP promising you?

February 23, 2017







As the healthcare industry turns toward the implementation of MACRA, providers are beefing up their data defenses in order to face the challenges of value-based reimbursement, clinical documentation improvement, and tracking chronic conditions.

This creates a challenge due to the volume of charts that need to be analyzed, and Natural Language Processors (NLP) are the key to solving those challenges. This innovative tool uses computer algorithms to identify spoken or written language to then analyze and extract data.

However, not just any NLP is going to give you the results you desire. What if your NLP is not solving the problems you face and actually creates more issues?

This is one of the reasons providers must carefully choose the NLP vendor they are going to go with. Here are a few things to look for during the selection process:

Is this NLP…
• A tool that was built with medical coding in mind?
• Quick to implement?
• Able to pin point missing or uncaptured HCCs & revenue opportunities?
• Able to track & trend findings?
• Able to provide secondary validations by medical coding professionals?
• Faster than your manual effort? – Reviewing and coding over millions of encounters in milliseconds?
• A tool that continues to learn and grow? (That’s right, every time it reviews, it gets smarter!)

MedKoder’s proprietary NLP checks all of these boxes. Not only is our NLP built with business intelligence and algorithms, but we also provide secondary validations with our expert team and can review millions of encounters in milliseconds. In addition, our NLP learns with every encounter it processes, which is over 150 million and counting.

NLP tools can search through charts and extract data from clinical documents and electronic health records (EHR). A good NLP will analyze, track trends in coding, extract data, and offer second validations to provide you with a complete solution.


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