Is implementation taking too long with your Risk Adjustment Vendor?

Is implementation taking too long with your Risk Adjustment Vendor?

Choose one that makes it simple.

Health systems and health plans are constantly inundated with technologies that promise a quick and easy implementation. However, all too often, these same technologies require intensive, costly IT support, which lengthens the project’s timing. Luckily, there is an easier way to get an implementation done without causing drawbacks on your IT team.

Medkoder offers implementations with health systems and health plans that are quick, easy, and usually free for clients. Our first priority, is to engage all key stakeholders involved prior to receiving any data. This will ensure that MedKoder’s implementation team is aware of key business requirements such as internal policies and systems they will be working in, as well as any customizable features the customer requires.

With a simple data extract, MedKoder can directly interface with the EMR(s) and Patient Financial System, which will streamline the data receiving process and make it easier on your IT team. This approach will enable your IT team to complete the development of a reusable data extract and will be tested by MedKoder to confirm that they meet expectation. This process usually takes 2-3 work sessions. Once the final validation of all data is complete, the IT team’s job is through for the remainder of the year and MedKoder will finish development of an interface, free of charge, which takes about 2 weeks.  After the first implementation, consequent reviews are even easier and the only task required by IT is to make changes to the date of service of the reusable extract- That is all!

Choosing a vendor without IT drawbacks and fast implementation is simple! MedKoder is a one of a kind vendor that delivers a fast 2-week implementation with health systems and hospitals, depending on IT priorities. MedKoder knows that IT always has a full task list and not enough time to squeeze in new projects, but our unheard of results of a 20:1 return on investment is game changer that is worth prioritizing those 3 work sessions to the top of the list.

As the January 31, 2018 deadline for 2016 patient claims approaches, consider your current vendor and any IT drawbacks that may hinder your submission leading up to that date. Then call MedKoder and find out why our customers are confident in their critical revenue streams and have assurance in their compliant results without any IT headaches!

Medkoder is a full service medical coding management services and technology provider offering expert medical coding in all physician service lines, inpatient and outpatient facility coding, medical risk adjustment management, DRG coding management, coding education, clinical coding documentation improvement, revenue integrity, & revenue cycle consulting.


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