Risk Adjustment Management

MyMedKoder Risk Adjustment Management (RAM) is an NLP driven risk adjustment solution that offers unparalleled 20:1 ROI, including additional 22% HCC capture and $845 in additional revenue per patient per year, assures regulatory compliance, and offers seamless EMR integration. Unlike spreadsheets and analytics, MedKoder's RAM is essential in maximizing all revenue opportunities for risk bearing membership with assurance that all findings are fully validated.

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MedKoder offers solutions for hospitals that own health plans or are in risk bearing contracts with payors who need transparent and quantifiable HCC capture solutions and want to have the confidence that their HCC capture is correct and compliant, without any havoc in IT implementation. When you integrate with MedKoder’s RAM you will have full transparency and access to your HCC capture results on with our dashboards and real-time analytics.

MyMedKoder RAM can offer the following benefits: