Charge Reconciler

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Charge capture is one of the most important events within the revenue cycle. With the increase of regulatory agencies (RACs, MACs, MICs, ZPICs, OIG, etc.) reviewing records to identify overpayments, it is more important for hospitals and physician practices to conduct their own reviews to ensure all of your revenue is captured and captured accurately.

MedKoder’s Charge Reconciler (CR) solution provides comprehensive charge reconciliation through real-time auditing of encounters with our proprietary natural language processing (NLP),custom coding edits, automated business intelligence (ABI), payer/provider specific algorithms, and MedKoder professionals. Our Charge Reconciler will integrate directly with your EMR and patient financial system. When you integrate with MedKoder’s CR you will have full transparency and access to your data with our dashboards and real-time analytics.

CR can offer the following benefits:

  • Fast integration (typically 4 weeks)
  • Missing revenue identification and capture
  • Custom & industry standard edits
  • Accurate payment

We offer a complimentary review to hospitals and providers to demonstrate the high level of competency, professionalism and service excellence of our coding professionals. Contact us at or 1-800-421-9718 to discuss how we can help compliment you, and enable you to increase your cash collections through charge reconciliation and accurate charge capture.